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Come Discover Africa. Come Discover Yourself

Welcome to Africa – Welcome Home

The African sun is setting on the horizon as you reward yourself for coming to Africa on a safari. You have seen perhaps a million wildebeest and zebra thundering across the Serengeti or spent enthralling days watching lion prides with cubs and wondering how unbelievably similar they are to a human family, leaving you with the overwhelming emotion that Africa is where you have always belonged and it is here that you have found your space.

This is the goal of Red Sun Safaris and our only mission statement. This is the space that Red Sun Safaris lives in. The space of welcoming you home to Africa. Here we developed as humans before emigrating and populating the world. Here we all became human. Here is our true ancestral home and the profound emotional space where a part of us will always belong.

Red Sun Safaris welcomes you to Africa. Red Sun Safaris welcomes you home.

Once in a lifetime safari to Serengeti in Tanzania

April 2024

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Tailor Made Packages

At Red Sun Safaris we do not expect our guests to fit into fixed packages and itineraries for pre-specified time-blocks. We tailor-make each safari experience to suit the needs, requirements and budget of our guests, taking into account the seasonal habits of the wildlife at the time of the intended safari. This way we ensure that each guest experiences the African adventure just the way they always dreamed of.

Our experienced guides have consistently delivered life-long memories of wonder and awe to our many international guests, for well in excess of 35 years. We intend to do the same for you, whether you are looking for a wildlife photography extravaganza, off-roading into Africa’s secret locations of mysterious wonders, or just want to bring the whole family together to celebrate our wonderful natural treasures.

We will only send you to the very best safari areas for your specific time of travel. There is no luck of the draw here. Unlike most of the larger safari tours we research and investigate where the animals will be or are heading to.

Recent Safari Experiences

Our Africa trip was enjoyable beyond my expectations! Every day was a new adventure and even though we thought we had seen it all the day before, there was always something new to discover. It was a powerful experience. Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. It was perfect!

It was truly a great experience and we have to admit that it was even better than what we remembered. We thank you for a tremendous effort. Our family can not stop talking about all of the things we did.

All that we could have imagined and more happened during that magical time we had together. We met the people of South Africa, observed incredible wildlife and saw awe inspiring scenes of grandeur in the land. We also during this trip forged new bonds which will strengthen our family forever.

An unforgettable safari is waiting for you!

Explore the greatness of the vast African continent, its legendary wildlife, breathtaking nature, ancient culture and hospitable people - in the comfort and safety of an experienced and engaging guide.